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 We were searching for years to find the missing piece of our band, the one most difficult to find - the drummer who will not only be the best for the job, but also a dedicated musician and a trusting friend. 
In 2017 we welcomed Dimitris Christou from Athens, Greece - a musician that has created art with underground acts of Blemish, Fornikation, Argatha, Samizdat and Disciples of the Borometz.

From 2018 we are in the process of re-recording our second self-titled album, "III - To Bring you Back" and the "It Takes Life" EP and mix/master it with the talented producer Thanos Bikos of Illusions Recording Studio in Athens. 
We are working to achieve the sound quality that we think these works deserve and release them in physical format in the near future. 
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Thank you for checking us out and we hope our music moves and inspires you.